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Cornelia Warren: A Local Heroine

Young white girl with long brown hair wearing a navy blue dress standing at top of stairs holding horseback riding gear.
Cornelia Warren, age 14
Painting by Alexandre Cabanel, Paris 1871

Have you ever wondered…

Were there female landowners in the early 1900s?

Who, in 1901, owned the Waltham land where Girl Scouts Camp Cedar Hill, Bentley University dormitories, Gann Academy, Waltham Field Station, Veterans Memorial Athletic Complex, and more are currently located?

Who was Cornelia Warren?

If you are curious about the answers to any of these questions, then you have come to the right website! This is the place to learn all about Cornelia Warren, the land she owned, and her legacy.

Go to the drop-down menu above, Click around, learn something, and share your new knowledge with a friend.

June 4, 2021, was the 100th anniversary of Cornelia Warren’s death.

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